On our village

CastelThe village of Malinovo is located in the upper part of Žitný ostrov (Rye Island) on the right bank of the river Malý Dunaj (Little Danube), south-east of Bratislava. It is approximately 15 km from the very centre of the capital city. Malinovo lies in the area of the most numerous sunny days per year. The river Malý Dunaj (Little Danube) and its branches flow around the village from three sides. There are stretches of bottomland forests on both riverbanks. It is home to a wide range of precious birds and animals. There are ideal conditions for fishing, touring by water, cycling and walking.

Altitude128 metres above sea level
Estates     883 hectares


Population is going to rise rapidly thanks to the new development in our village.

Data until 10th July 2012
Current population 2210
Children under 15 397
Adults over 55450
Current number of houses  1285
Number of streets 36

Data until 31st December 2009
Current number of houses  946
Current population1837
Children under 15274
Pensioners over 60 289

We have complete underground utilities (gas, sewage system, telecommunication network) in the village.

Medical facilities
  • GP and Paediatric surgery
  • Dentist

  • Nursery school Malinka
  • Primary school with Slovak as language of instruction
  • Primary school with Hungarian as language of instruction
  • Secondary school of horticulture